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I finally got around to importing my books & reviews from Goodreads. (Didn't want to rush to it as I assumed the import feature might be busy when the GR exodus started!)


Still not entirely sure yet I like Booklikes well enough to use it actively - the Tumblr-like format is a little uncomfortable for me (to use, not in any emotional sense). We'll see, I suppose. I'm not particularly worried about any of my GR reviews or shelves getting deleted, as I've tended to stay away from controversial authors or books, but it's nice to have a backup of my read books & reviews in any case.


At least the import seems to have worked well enough, if lacking in a lot of book covers and using wrong or weird covers for other books. (Is there actually a way to correct a wrong book cover? At a quick look, at least one book seems to have acquired the cover of a completely different book, with another title and all, and I can't find any place to correct this.)