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House Rules (Chicagoland Vampires, #7) - Chloe Neill After the sixth book in this series turned out to be something of a disappointment (still readable, but the spark wasn't there), I was a bit apprehensive about House Rules. And it did take a bit of time to get going properly.

However, I ended up enjoying it more than I anticipated. The plot/mystery wasn't incredibly strong, and I'd figured out the culprit way before any of the characters had, but it was good enough to keep me reading. The secondary arcs to do with Merit's involvement in the Red Guards and the politics regarding Cadogan's standing with the GP were interesting enough as well.

I'm still not at all keen on Ethan (I don't expect that to change - he's just so dull, and so unappealing in every possible way), so I could have done without Ethan and the romantic bits and the angsting, but it was all expected and by now I really only have myself to blame for reading on, knowing that Ethan's there to stay.