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Great North Road - Peter F. Hamilton It'll probably take a while for my thoughts to settle - this was one long, complex, multilayered book.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, although the resolution (and the last ~10% in general) ultimately left me a little unsatisfied. It worked, yes, but it was a bit ... worked out a bit too well, and with somewhat heavy-handed messages while at it.

I enjoyed the characters (and I didn't mind the large number of POV characters); the mystery part of the plot was intriguing and kept me guessing for a long time; the rather slow pacing actually worked for me; the flashbacks (many of them, hopping back and forth) didn't annoy me.

I have a feeling that another time, I might rate this one a little lower, but right now, it did hit most of my positive buttons - plus, well, a combination of police procedural + jungle/arctic adventure + space opera proved to be an awesome combination.