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A Matter of Magic - Patricia C. Wrede I enjoyed both of the books in this omnibus edition - Mairelon the Magician and The Magician's Ward - quite thoroughly, having a hard time putting the book (or rather my Kindle) down, although I had to, of course; two books, even if neither overly long on their own, are a bit too much to read in one sitting (or day) or two for me.

Anyway, I wouldn't call these books either particularly deep or substantial or unique or original (although I haven't read any regency-with-wizards outside fanfic before), and it took me a while to get over my loathing of the name "Mairelon" (no particular reason - it's just, well, sometimes some names just do not work for one at all), and Kim's use of thieves' cant was just so... so much at times (especially the first book) that it really seemed a little overdone...

...but in spite of all that, I enjoyed both books greatly. Fun, fluffy, amusing romps with solid enough mysteries and a touch of romance in the second book.