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Katya's World (Russalka Chronicles, #1) - Jonathan L. Howard I have to say I was hesitant to read this for quite a while, even though I already had it (as part of the Strange Chemistry ebook subscription), because I loathed the cover.

Now, after reading the book, I loathe it even more, as I cannot see a single reason to use Soviet symbols and fonts on the cover of a book that has exactly nothing to do with that - in my eyes, this is comparable to using a swastika and SS runes font on the cover of a book about random German colonists on a random planet in the far future.

That said, I'm glad I talked myself into giving the book a chance in spite of the loathsome cover (okay, the colours are nice and watery, I suppose), because it was a pretty nice YA military submarine sci-fi novel, with a decent heroine (smart, courageous, a bit foolishly so at times but then again she wasn't even sixteen yet), no insta-love or even love interests in sight (which didn't stop me from cautiously shipping Katya/Petrov or Katya/Kane, but that's just because I'm me), lots of action and just, well, a really nicely paced and overall entertaining book.

Apart from the prologue, which was as dry as they come. On the other hand, I think I almost prefer having the massive exposition bit done as a prologue and not as huge infodumps in the middle of a random chapter or two.

If I understood correctly, it's the first book in a series; it stands just fine on its own but if this is indeed a series, I'm looking forward to more.