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Wool Omnibus (Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey Once again I'm wishing Goodreads had half-stars in their ratings, because this was definitely a 4.5 for me. A 9/10, if GR had a ten star rating. Basically, almost good enough for five, but I'm stingy with fives and there were a few very little issues I had that don't quite let me push it up to five.

Anyway. Excellent post-apocalyptic / dystopian / science fiction story (or the first five parts of a story, anyway). I have to admit the very beginning of the first, shortest, novella was a bit slow for me and I struggled to get into it; if I'd picked up only the first novella, then - while I ended up getting mostly into it - I likely wouldn't have read on.

So I'm really glad I got the omnibus, and as I already had it there, I read on anyway. (And found the first novella much better in hindsight.) By the second novella, I was hooked; three to five were some of the best in this genre I've read for ages. Juliette made a great lead character, but the side characters were excellent, too - by the end, I even started to feel some sympathy towards Bernard, who, in his twisted way, really believed he was doing the right thing for his people and their future.

Wool vol. 6 is already on my wishlist. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this universe and these people.