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The Wine of Angels (Merrily Watkins, #1) - Phil Rickman Hmm. This is a tricky book to describe - to be honest, I think it took me getting a good 70% into the book before I twigged that it was, in fact, a mystery.

It's so much more than a murder mystery, though. It's that, yes, but that part just sort of creeps up at you, before you even notice it. There's a lot of mysticism and symbolism (to be honest, a bit much for my tastes; that was probably my least favourite part of the whole thing, even though I fully realise it was some of the central, important part of it).

It was the characters and the settings that made the book a winner for me. It's a long book, yes; long and rambling, but when it was over, I realised that there wasn't really much that was superfluous, that could have been snipped or trimmed away without losing something important, because in the end, it all came together.

And the characters. Yes. I'm not fully sold on Merrily herself yet. Some of the other characters, such as Jane, her daughter, and Gomer Perry, and Lol Robinson, all seemed better developed.

I suspect I'm going to read more of this series, although it's not one of those that could be read back-to-back.