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Behemoth  - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson As good as Leviathan, if not even better.

Alek's finally coming off as not completely flat, although I still don't really care for his character; Deryn's parts of the adventures were as thrilling and exciting as I could have wished for. And I'm rather enjoying the way it ties in with the "real" history, using actual the events and ships and people from around 1914.

My only issue is still with the budding romance. I almost never care for stories where two people have known each other for three days or so, and it's already desperate love forever, or whatever. Okay, teenagers, sure, hormones and what not; I'm not saying that Deryn believing herself to be in love is unrealistic, because it's not, but... if there must be romance in a book, why can't it at least be gradual, something happening over time? Grr.

Still. At least these two have some real problems ahead of them, not fabricated (<- see what I did there?) angst.</spoiler>