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Grave Memory  - Kalayna Price Rating: more like 4.5 stars, but because the love triangle (easily my least favourite / possibly the only not favourite part of the books) continued being there, not quite five. And rounded down.

Anyway. This is, I think I can say now, my current favourite adult urban fantasy series. It's got plot, it's got magic, it's got a bit of politics, it's got enough action, it's got a bit of gore (or more than a bit in this particular book's case), it's even got a love interest even I find interesting (Death, for those wondering, not Falin). Alex is getting a tad too powerful, perhaps, but then again, she's certainly not invincible - and her magic taking a real toll on her is something I really appreciate.

My only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be a next book confirmed yet. I really hope there will be, because it's fast become one of my few pre-orderable series.