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Grave Witch  - Kalayna Price Grave Witch is not really a blindingly original piece of urban fantasy - witches, faeries, magic, mysteries to be solved, some gory murders, a hunky blond for the heroine to sleep with. Some of the world building and the magic reminded me of the first Hollows book, just, well, better.

Apart from the bit of sex towards the end, which, unfortunately for me, seems to be a requisite part of much urban fantasy (but which was pretty skippable and not overly explicit), it hit just the right buttons for me. The heroine was spunky and courageous without coming off as an utter bitch or Mary Sue, Death intrigued me (please can we have more Death in the next book? He was a lot hotter than Falin!), and refreshingly, I felt that the world building was done well - no clunky infodumps! Revealing just enough background information that was necessary to follow the story throughout the book... that's something that not every writer in this genre can do competently, never mind well.

I've already bought Grave Dance, the second book in the series, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Although I have to admit I'm sort of hoping for less Falin. Blond hunks just really bore me. Sigh. (I resisted the temptation to take a star off the rating for him, though. Some people seem to like blond long-haired hunks, after all. Strange people.)