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The London Eye Mystery - Siobhan Dowd The London Eye Mystery is a decent little mystery for kids - a boy goes missing between boarding the London Eye and getting off - but that's not really what sets this book apart from others. It's the narrator, a 12-year-old boy Ted, who does that.

I found the beginning a little slow, and to be honest, at first I found Ted irritating. Slow. I wondered how old he was, to not understand some very basic things such as idiomatic expressions, figures of speech, and so on. It only occurred to me a chapter or two into the book (to my credit, before it was spelled out) that no, Ted was certainly not slow - quite the contrary. He was just a little different; a boy who's brain is running on a different operating system, as he put it himself. In other words, although it's never actually explicitly stated in the book, Ted's (most likely) got Asperger's, which sets him at a disadvantage compared to most other people, but in the end, it's his ability to see patterns and put things together that also helps him solve the mystery.

There were a few things that didn't quite convince me, like the way Ted adjusted and started doing some things he'd never done before, all over the course of a handful of days, but then again, I don't know enough to say that's impossible (and having a cousin go missing is certainly an important enough event that it could have given him a slight push, I suppose).

Overall though, I ended up enjoying this a lot. It's a fast read, but in spite of the relative shortness of the story, I found most of the characters well-rounded and the plot interesting.