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Poison Study (Study, #1) - Maria V. Snyder I don't care for fantasy. I really don't care for fantasy. Made-up world fantasy is just not appealing for me.

And yet... and yet. I liked this book. A whole lot more than I should have, or that I expected to. It had plenty of things I don't care for in books, including the off-screen, but explicitly stated rape of the main character in her past, and some of it felt a little too convenient, such as the way both Valek and the Commander, both people we were probably supposed to consider brutal, power-greedy dictators, turned out to be all fair and just and honourable and what not, and for some reason Valek never really grew on me properly, but... I cared for Yelena. I cared for her fate. I cheered for her, I worried for her, I was sad for her.

I've gathered the next books in this series are a bit more, well, fantasy-world fantasy than Poison Study. Even so, I am already considering buying the second book, as I want to read more about these characters and this world.