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Over Sea, Under Stone (The Dark Is Rising, #1) - Susan Cooper I admit that I was somewhat wary of this book - I'm not a big fan of things that have anything to do with the Arthurian legend - but I really enjoyed it.

Once again, I have to say this is the sort of book that I'd have truly adored as a child; the mixture of adventure and mystery would have been right up my alley at the time, but it worked well enough even now. I wish, perhaps, that the characters had been a little more three-dimensional - as it is, I felt we barely got to know them at all - but I suppose that's a common issue with children's books where the adventure is the main thing.

In spite of enjoying this, I'm a little hesitant about reading the next books in this "sequence", but I suspect my curiosity will at some point get the better of me and I'll be reading some more anyway.