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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, #3) - Rick Riordan My favourite of the Heroes of Olympus series so far. I appreciated the return of Percy in The Son of Neptune, but I always liked Annabeth a lot and have been missing her in this series so far, so it was great to get a book focusing more on her for a change.

Still. The series - much like the Percy Jackson series before it - is terribly formulaic. It always has been, of course, since the very first, but now, eight books in, it's starting to become a bit of an issue, especially as the series is relying so much on the action/adventure/plot, not so much on character depth or character development. Our heroes need to save the world in three to six days, our heroes go to a quest, our heroes battle giants and other enemies, our heroes emerge victorious.

The Mark of Athena did manage to break that routine a little, fortunately, feeling a bit fresher overall than its predecessor did, for me. The humour was funny, the focus characters were those I was interested in more than some of the others from previous books, the battles were inventive, and the ending leads very nicely to the next book, which I'm looking forward to.