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Crossed (Matched, #2) - Ally Condie I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Matched - on the surface, it was everything I don't care for (romance-focused, poetic, a society that arranges marriages), but it won me over quickly and became one of my favourite reads this year.

So I was both eager and somewhat wary when I picked up Crossed, hoping to enjoy it and worried that I'd be disappointed. And I think Crossed does, to an extent, suffer from the same thing too many middle books in trilogies suffer from - it feels like the middle part of a story, the "filler" part of the plot, neither the beginning nor the end.

And yet with this particular story, it didn't really matter much. Enough happened to keep me happy and while I wasn't as enchanted or engrossed as by Matched, I felt the things we learned about the characters (Cassia and Ky) and the things we didn't learn (Xander) were sufficient to keep me interested, there was enough plot to get by, and the writing, while it didn't grab me the way Matched did, was still lovely at times.

I'm looking forward to the third part of this trilogy; it's just a pity that it'll be a longish wait.