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Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant Four and a half stars, really. Perhaps four and three quarters, even. There was just enough in here that I didn't love that I'm holding back on the five - that, and I'd probably adjust the rating downwards then next week or in a while anyway, once the story has had time to settle.

So, yeah. Loved it. Not absolutely all of it - some of the beginning in particular felt a bit too slow and a few of Georgia's sociopolitical blog entries were just on the side of a bit too dull, but overall, I came to appreciate the slightly distanced tone as well as all the commentary on society, politics, journalism, media, the integrity of media and politicians and people in general.

For a book that's apparently about zombies, there was very little actual zombie stuff going on. Plenty of it happening in the background, and it made the bits that counted more real, more harrowing, without having the reader got too used to them. And of course it's not a book "about zombies" anyway - it's a book about the living, and about people and how they deal with a world where zombies are suddenly a reality.

I also appreciated the attempt at giving a scientific reason for the zombie outbreak. I actually even appreciated the constant - and yes, repetitive, very repetitive - security checks, reminders about Georgia's eye problems, all that; for me, it added a touch of realism without going overboard and showed us very clearly what sort of world these people were living in (although it's a fine line and I would understand completely if other readers found it too much).

And I enjoyed the plot. And the characters.

Definitely going to read the next book in the trilogy, too, although I think I need something fluffier first.