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Exit Strategy (Nadia Stafford #1) - Kelley Armstrong I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but I loved it. A bit too few niggles to give it five stars, but... yeah, I really did enjoy it quite a bit. Especially all the lovely UST between Nadia and Jack; there's far too little of it in books, and there's especially little of it with a younger woman and noticeably older man. So, yay!

The plot kept me interested, too; I didn't get bored once, which is always a good sign.

That said, what bothered me a bit: I really didn't manage to warm to Jack's way of speaking. I get it was an integral part of his characterisation, but it was just hard to read.

Also, I've yet to read a single book written by an English-speaking author that has Russian characters in it and manages to get all the names right, and sadly, this one was no exception. I mean, seriously - Volkv? I thought it was a typo at first, that an o had gone missing before the final v, but it was like that completely consistently. *shakes head* Really. I don't care that it's a Russian living in the US. Kozlov and Nikolaev were fine, so where on earth did she get the idea to use Volkv? Urgh.