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The End of the World (Skulduggery Pleasant #6.5) - Derek Landy The Skulduggery Pleasant short stories, while good fun, are never quite as awesome as the books - not surprising, as they more or less have to miss out on things such as series arc or character development or deep, important conversations.

The End of the World - a novella written for the World Book Day - is no different in that sense, although it is longer than the average short story. It is good fun, though, and works very well in two ways, serving two important purposes: for brand new readers, who might wish to pick up this cheap little book as part of the World Book Day thing, it serves as a good introduction into the series (even though it takes place obviously after the events in the sixth book), by having the narrator be a brand new character (a normal, mortal boy at that) who, clearly, needs some explanation to understand what is going on and who those weird people are.

For already existing readers, TEOTW provides a nice way to gain insight into our heroes (or at least look at them) "from the outside", so to speak. As the series itself is written largely from Valkyrie's point of view, it's nice to have an outsider's POV for a change, a chance to see Valkyrie and Skulduggery both through the eyes of someone who doesn't really know them.

The plot... well, that was a nice bit of fun too, if rather light on the depth part. Absolutely worth reading, and I enjoyed it a great deal, but not quite a match for the SP novels.