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Unwind (Unwind Trilogy, #1) - Neal Shusterman I suppose it's impossible to read this book and not draw parallels with Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go - the basic idea of a society where people are raised/bred/given up to be organ donors, without their consent, is too similar for that.

They're very different books, though, and Ishiguro is a far more literary, poetic writer - and Never Let Me Go was, for me, a far more harrowing read, even though Unwind takes the idea much further and shows it in much more horrifying detail. I wasn't even sure, halfway into this book, whether it would make any impact on me at all, but the second half, and towards the ending... oh yeah, it certainly did, at least to an extent.

I've seen the book praised for its writing and characters... to be honest, the writing as such didn't impress me, and the characters, while they did gain some depth by the end, didn't entirely draw me in either. I suppose this is a case where the sum is bigger than the parts, though, and my mental rating of the book kept going higher as I read on.