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The Bad Beginning  - Brett Helquist, Lemony Snicket Liked it well enough (I've read it once before, years ago, and liked it well enough then too but am determined to give the entire series a proper try this time around), but not quite enough to love it.

I think it mostly comes down to the writing (because the plot's both interesting and more than a little horrifying at times, and I like Violet and Klaus quite a bit).

On the one hand, I actually like the style. I also like the word explanations - in principle. I didn't find them patronising or talking down to the reader; it was clearly a style decision chosen very deliberately and it was fun.

It's a little less fun when it's done about once every two pages, though. I think I'd have loved it more if that particular style choice had been utilised a bit less often.

I'm looking forward to the next books, in any case; as fun as this was, I had read it before (+ I've seen the film) so plot-wise it was all familiar, while I only really have a rather vague idea of what happens in the next two books and none at all about the rest, so those should probably prove to be more engaging.