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The Realms of the Gods (Immortals, #4) - Tamora Pierce Debated for a while between three and four stars, but a book where I nearly fall asleep twice during the scenes of the final battle - and it wasn't even anywhere close to midnight, my usual sleeptime - just doesn't deserve to get more than three stars.

Anyway. As a final book, this was a pretty fitting ending to the series, but I suppose I expected more. I didn't mind a large chunk of the book taking place in the Divine Realms instead of in the mortal world, so that was not the problem.

To be honest, I think the romance aspect was the biggest letdown for me - and not because I'm someone who minds the age gap or the mentor/student aspect; far from it, the promise of that was basically the biggest reason why I even read the whole series to start with. But... it just didn't work for me. I wanted it to. I tried to build it up more. And it just fell flat for me. There was very little build-up, and I never got rid of the sense that Numair really was just a prop. He never became a real character for me - I didn't get a handle on him or his character at all. He was just there, acting and reacting for Daine's character development (such as it was). Meh.

I did like the darkings. And, um, the adventures through the Divine Realms, I suppose. But on the whole... I found the series a good enough read, fast-paced and adventurous and full of enough imagination, but in the end rather lacking in substance; sort of like fast food, really.