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Crimson Wind (Horngate Witches, #2) - Diana Pharaoh Francis Not as fascinating, exciting or intriguing as the first book, and I found it a bit of a struggle to get into it, but it got better towards the end (well, either that or I finally got into the groove of things) and was definitely good enough that I'll want to read more about Max and Alexander.

I still like Max, and I understood her inner struggles, but frankly I'm starting to get tired of her love-hate relationship with Giselle. Is it Stockholm syndrome or what? Come on, decide, do you loathe her (as any normal person would) or not? Then again, Max is clearly a masochist, so perhaps she's come to love the pain and torture so much by now that she's addicted to it, or... something.

Writing-wise, there were a few things that really started to annoy me in this book - I am getting really tired of "witch-bitch" (it was a good phrase to use for Giselle the first two times in the first book, but by now, I think we get it's how Max thinks of her; we don't need it repeated 17976 times), and also, there was a sudden flood of "his Blade was rising" and "her Prime was rising" and ... whut? where did that come from? it wasn't in the first book, was it? and also do we need those phrases repeated 4-5 times per paragraph?

Also, while I don't mind Max/Alexander, I just don't feel the chemistry between them. We're told there's OH SO MUCH chemistry and UST there and ... yeah. We're told that. I didn't feel it. I felt more UST with Max/Scooter and Max/Tutresiel.

Anyway, all that said, still interested, especially with that cliffhanger-ish ending.