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Fragile Eternity  - Melissa Marr This is a series where I find it hard to get into the next book once some time has passed since I read the previous one. On the other hand, it's not a series I want to read back to back, so that creates some problems.

Anyway, I struggled with Fragile Eternity for about the first tenth or so, but then I kind of got into it, so that was okay. And I enjoyed it, mostly - except that it was all about "but I love Seth" and "oh, but Keenan" and "oh, but Seth!" and "but Keenan is my King" and "I love Seth" and "but I must try to be with Keenan" and ... eugh.

Also, I liked Seth and Niall so far, but I think I need to adjust my opinion of Seth after this one. He's rather more meh now.