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Wraith (Zoe Martinique, #1) - Phaedra Weldon Okay, for the first... quarter, almost, I was fairly sure this is going to be one of my rare did-not-finish books. It was a real struggle to read, largely because of Zoe, the protagonist and one of the most stupid people ever to grace the pages of a book.

She really annoyed the hell out of me with her completely idiotic behaviour, and her first-person narration made things a thousand times worse, what with all the "witty asides" and notes to self and parentheticals and... basically, she sounded like a really stupid 12-year-old with ADHD and a sugar high.

I'm sort of glad I persevered though as the plot did eventually pick up and while Zoe remained stupid and everyone else was nearly as bad, her inner pre-teen cut down on the "witty" asides a bit as things got more serious and at least there was some excitement in seeing whether she'd be killed or not (well, I knew this was the first in a series, so I assumed not, but one can always hope).

Also, what was with the grammar in this book? With all the "she hadn't of realised" and the occasional "I hadn't have notified"? WTF? No, really? I tried to put it down to a dialogue thing at first, trying to be truthful to how the person was speaking, but the that person's speech seemed grammatically correct otherwise, and then Zoe did it too, so... huh? Editor? Anyone?

Also, if I never see the word "oogy" again, it'll be too soon.

Anyway. Rounded the final rating up to a generous three stars, but I don't think I'll be picking up more of this series.