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Poltergeeks - Sean Cummings Fun and well-paced (in other words fast-paced and never dull), but the characterisations were somewhat shallow, the magic didn't feel very thoroughly thought out (that might be because half the time we got descriptions like "she whispered a word of magic" or "she uttered a strong word of magic") and the characters took all the major revelations far too easily in stride.

Also, the writing could have done with another round of editing - especially in the first half, there were semicolons all over the place (in places where they really shouldn't have been), there were sentences that made no grammatical sense at all ("In order to pull a spirit back from either domain would require some pretty amazing magic"), and Matthew Hopkins, England's Witchfinder General who died in 1647, was constantly referred to as having been dead for "over four hundred and fifty years" or "over four hundred years" - and I really didn't get the impression the book was supposed to be taking place in 2050 at the earliest.

Still, overall it was a decent enough read, if a little shallow.