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Seven Deadly Wonders - Matthew Reilly For a long while I fully expected to give this book one star. Two at the most.

It's an atrociously written book. Truly.

The style is horrible!

You get to a paragraph...

...and then it goes on like this!

And when you've thought you've seen the worst there is to see—

—wait for it—

—then the excitement goes up! Even more!

On the plus side, I guess you always know when something exciting is happening! Because the author lets you know! With italics! And exclamation marks!

And let us not forget that we shouldn't actually have more than one sentence per paragraph!


...but I forgot to use enough ellipses...

Anyway. The plot was about equal to the writing style in the amount of holes, gaps and generally things that wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.


I read the entire book. And while the style irritated me to no end until the very end, and the plot made me want to bang my head at the nearest desk so very many times, I did kind of get caught up in it, enough to want to know how it ended. And the stupid plot I could, to an extent, forgive for this kind of action/adventure story.

I do think this would be much better as a film. With lots of explosions where every exclamation mark was. And blood. Lots of blood. And people being killed in any number of particularly dreadful ways.