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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (Jolie Wilkins, #1) - H.P. Mallory Can't quite decide between two stars or three, but rounding up because paranormal romance really isn't my thing and for all I know, many of the things that irritated me to no end in this may be par for the course in that genre.

Anyway, urban fantasy / paranormal romance, heavy on the "omg the hottest man ever wants me and I'm thinking about sex instead of plot all the time and oh dear, this hot guy just kidnapped me but he's so hot and I still want him, and oh dear, that hot guy just made me drink some stuff spiked with a love drug, but he's so hot and I want him" and so on and so forth. No, seriously; the hottest warlock + the leaders of werewolves, vampires and fairies all want Jolie, the headdeskingly ditzy could-never-get-a-date-before protagonist, and of course they're all the hottest men ever.

Whatever. Also, the book could have used an editor. Or at least a proofreader. I have my troubles with commas but nowhere near the sort of troubles this book had, and the writing itself could have used some polishing as well, although I've seen worse.

A minor but nevertheless irritating point: if you're not going to tell me a reason why all the foreigners in this book have British/Anglo-Saxon names, then perhaps it would have been better to not name your Russian-born character Trent, your character with "an Eastern European accent" Gwynn and a Scandinavian character (who apparently doesn't even understand English) Grimley Jones.

On the plus side, while I felt like headdesking the main character for most of the book, I did read it all, so something in the writing must have worked. Not enough for me to buy the next book in the series, though.