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Fire Study (Study, #3) - Maria V. Snyder I was a little worried that I might not enjoy this last instalment in the Study series, as I've come across quite a few people saying it's the worst of the three, but whether it's because I adjusted my expectations or because the expectations were already lower, I think I actually liked this a bit more than Magic Study.

The main problem I really had with Magic Study - one that I didn't consciously noticed until I'd finished it - was that Yelena was really on her way of becoming all-powerful. Brilliant fighter? Check. Exceptionally strong in at least some types of magic? Check. Can talk to animals? Check. Has seasoned soldiers, officers, mages and others follow her every command? Check. Can get out of even the most impossible situations thanks to magic? Check.

The book was exciting, absolutely, but towards the end of it, I wasn't really too concerned for Yelena's safety as it was obvious she could handle any situation she was thrown into.

Fire Study was... well, much of the same, really (except with Yelena even more powerful). But (a) I was already expecting it, and (b) she seemed to have met her match(es), magically; actual opponents she couldn't easily deal with. And while I'd figured out the identity of the traitor ages before the reveal, it was still a nice twist.

Also, Valek was a little less aggravating in this one - still too cloyingly mushy at times, but at least a few times he actually seemed a bit like the man we met in the first book. And I have to say I liked some of the solutions in the end; it worked for me.

So, all in all, a worthwhile read. I don't think I'll want to read the Glass series - I didn't mind Opal's parts in Fire Study, but on the whole, not something I really want to read more of - but I'll likely read something else by the author in the future.