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Dark Frost (Mythos Academy, #3) - Jennifer Estep In spite of the number of "my Gypsy gift" repetitions being higher than in the previous books (39 times in this one, as opposed to 34 and 26 or something like that in the first two books), I actually enjoyed this one more than the previous books. Maybe because there wasn't as much recapping going on? Hmm.

Good literature this isn't, but it's good fun, and I rather like that there's a decent-ish balance here (for a girl-oriented YA series) between plot and romance. Gwen's not the deepest or brightest heroines ever (in fact I kept mentally screaming at her throughout this book because she was just so stupid at times for failing to figure out things any reader with half a brain had realised several chapters ago), but she's got spunk and her heart's in the right place.

[I seriously wish someone banned the following words/phrases from these books, though: "my Gypsy gift", "the band geek" (why does everyone else get to be the Spartan, the Valkyrie, the Amazon etc - mind you, getting those repeated all the time is annoying enough - while poor Carson, a Celt, is always "the band geek"??), and "froufrou". Really. Please.]