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Rosemary and Rue  - Seanan McGuire I keep wishing for half-stars on Goodreads, and this is no exception - this is more a three and a half stars book again.

Faeries aren't my favourite sort of fantasy creatures, and having what sounded like the entire Faerie world and Kings and Queens etc pretty much constrained to San Francisco made no sense whatsoever (perhaps it'll be explained in one of the next books?), so... those are two major things against the book. The writing wasn't the best ever either - decent and competent, but largely pedestrian and with too much repetition at times.

That said, while it took me a while to get into the story, or start caring about the characters, I'm glad I persevered. It turned out to be a rather decent urban fantasy mystery (and I could be smug about figuring out the killer before the reveal, although the clues dropped on the way there weren't exactly subtle - but I almost never manage it in books, so that made me happy), with world-building that had clearly had quite a bit of thought put into it; even though it clogged the story down with too much detail at times, that's a flaw I can forgive for a first book in a fantasy series.

I doubt it'll become one of my favourite series ever but I do think I'll give at least one more book in this series a try; with luck, that one will make me want for more, too.