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Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy, #2) - Jennifer Estep Still finding this series quite a bit of fun - enjoyable fluff, in a not too taxing way.

I do like Gwen, and I like her grandmother, and I like Logan (although I rather like Nickamedes more, but, well, good-looking surly black-haired 40-ish librarian - what's not to like?), and the plot's not the most original thing ever but decent enough. Definitely a series I plan on buying and reading more of.

I'm just really, really starting to hate the repetition of "thanks to my Gypsy gift", "that was my Gypsy gift", "due to my Gypsy gift" etc etc etc etbloodyc, every two pages or so, with a few dozen mentions of psychometry thrown in for, um, a change, or something. Seriously. I think even the slowest, most absent-minded reader got it about 286 mentions ago. Yes, Gwen has a gift. A Gypsy gift. That is also known as psychometry. We know. *headdesks* I was this close to throwing my Kindle at the wall several times. The only thing that keeps me from doing that is that it's first person narrative and presumably Gwen just cannot help but think of it like that. All. The. Time. ARGH!

(Also, while I'm ranting: froufrou is a nice word and all, but seriously, it's the sort of word that is very conspicuous. It shouldn't be used more than twice in a book. Not twice on one page and a few more times later, too.)

All that said, yes, I'm still going to keep reading. (Yes, I know I just repeated myself. Apparently I cannot help it. It's my... um, non-Gypsy curse, or something.)