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Touch of Frost  - Jennifer Estep Once again I'm wishing Goodreads had half-stars - this one's very much a three-and-a-half star book.

I enjoyed it a great deal, really - definitely enough to keep reading this series. Even if it did feel a lot like the love child of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, mostly with Percy's genes. But then, I like both of those series, and something that feels a bit like a cross between the two isn't necessarily a bad thing, if not the most original thing ever.

Anyway, yeah. The writing irritated me a bit at times (there's only so many times the first person narrator can say "yeah, that was my Gypsy gift" or something along those lines before it gets eye-rollingly annoying - yes, I think even the slowest readers got that she had a gift and what that gift was after the first dozen times), and it's not likely to win any literature prizes, but I found the characters engaging enough, the writing page-turning enough and the story interesting enough that I want more.