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Unraveling (Unraveling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris I liked the premise, and the book sounded good, and ... well, it wasn't completely awful? On the other hand, just when things were apparently getting Really Dramatic (which we knew because it's a first person present tense narrative, like 90% of current YA genre fiction, and it was all getting Very Dramatic, but then so was all the random teen angst), I put it down and it took me two days to pick it up again, so... yeah.

I'm quite sure I'm not the target reader, anyway; this had a bit too much teen romance for me. Also, flat characterisations. Janelle, the protagonist, was somewhat okay, and we did learn some about her father, but all the other characters were just ... there. When needed. Conveniently. Props.

I know I've given objectively worse books more stars, but my feelings about Unraveling are closer to "it was ok" than "I liked it", so two it is.