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Hot Tea (The Tea Series, #1) - Sheila Horgan This is a hard book to rate/review.

I really struggled with the beginning. Really. So much so that I ended up skimming a lot and thinking (at about a quarter in) that I'll just give up on it. I couldn't figure out the genre ("really tedious chick-lit" is the best I could come up with) and the writing, while technically not awful, with relatively few wrong words and missing commas for a self-published book, was just incredibly dull and irritating, full of repetitions and ... well, it just seemed to lack any sort of point at all.

At the same time, I didn't want to give up because I kept wondering whether there might be a plot turning up at any point.

Fortunately it did get a bit better (or less irritating anyway) about half-way in and something slightly reminiscent of plot turned up at about the 80% point. And I actually started to get interested. And at that point, I was thinking "ooh, maybe it'll manage to become a three star book after all" (yes, I was actually thinking about the star rating in Goodreads terms while reading the book; I guess that shows how involved I was in the proceedings).

And then... it was just over. The plot had barely started to show itself, and the book ended.

I gather it's supposed to be a "serial" format, done intentionally so that the reader would keep buying and reading more books, but... (a) this isn't a nice thing to come across as a reader (proper cliffhangers are bad enough, but at least they get you excited and impatient about the next book, but if the book just sort of randomly ends, it doesn't really even create that excitement), and (b) the book ought to be a lot better written for that trick to work.

That said, since I got a four-books-in-one omnibus edition of the books (either for free on Amazon or very cheap; can't remember which), there is a slight chance that I might read on some day. If I didn't already have the next books, I'm quite sure I wouldn't.