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Ashes, Ashes - Jo Treggiari I wanted to like this book. I did. It's got the elements I want in a post-apocalyptic survival book, and some of those actual survival bits were the ones I really did like about Ashes, Ashes, from the protagonist having a looted survival manual to survivors banding together, growing their own food and what not.

Unfortunately, the characters were rather flat, the central love story/relationship as cliché as they come (girl meets cocky, arrogant, good-looking boy, girl hates boy, next day girl likes boy, boy turns out to be heroic, boy and girl kiss), there were bad, bad maths problems (if it's said in the book that 1% of people across the globe survived the natural disasters & plagues, then please don't have the characters say, repeatedly, that "out of every million people, 999,999 died in the first wave of the plague and then the second wave killed most of those who survived" or "only one out of a million survived the plague" - first, 1% (okay, granted, they did say "less than 1%", but that still rather implies "close to 1%") is NOT 1 out of 1,000,000; second, with those numbers, there should have been, what, 200 people left alive in the US at the most, so for there being multiple groups of survivors, hospitals etc in the NYC area alone doesn't make a lot of sense), plot points that made no sense at all (if you have ~200 people left alive, I really don't want to see evil people going around killing off the rest of the survivors in order to find a cure/vaccine - at this rate, you'd have two people left to use it on).

So. Yeah. A book that had promise, but the execution was just too faulty for me to enjoy it.