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Betrayed  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast Still awful. Why am I reading this? Apart from that it has cats.

And there seems to be some tiny bit of plot, well hidden among the Adventures of Totally Not-Ho And The Most Awesome Mary Zoey Person and Her Totally Not-Ho and Not-Skanky but Slightly Dorky and Not Quite As Awesome As Zoey Friends and Their Totally Cute Kids Almost-Boyfriends and Their Totally Ho and Skanky and Slutty Enemies. And for some reason, I want to know what happens. :-/

Zoey irritates me to no end, though. Really, I don't like the trend of calling modern heroines Mary Sues (and I like kick-ass heroines who do awesome things), because so often the good-looking, kick-ass, special-power heroine is called a Mary Sue when if it was a male protagonist with the same skills and speshulness, no one would bat an eye. But Zoey... well, Zoey is special (and no, that wasn't a compliment I just made).

I've never before met a book that makes me want to headdesk this much, while still having an annoying desire to read some more. It's like a really bad case of trainwrecky fanfic. :-/

Two stars only because I'm still reading it...