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The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman If I went by any other rating system than the definitions Goodreads offers, it should probably be a three star book. Three and a half maybe even. But as I'm trying to stick to the Goodreads definitions, and my ratings are purely subjective, I can't in all honesty say "I liked it", when it was strictly an "it was OK" book.

I have no idea why I didn't love it. It's not as if there was anything wrong with the book - it was well written, had some lovely turns of phrase, the story was in theory interesting enough, it had all the elements I should love, such as dead people and graveyards and velvet-voiced mysterious guardians, and... it just didn't work, I suppose. I kept waiting for the plot to turn up, and then I suppose something plot-like did eventually turn up, but... I couldn't muster up any enthusiasm to care for the plot.

I didn't care for Bod, nor really any of the other characters (and I am always irritated to no end when someone "foreign" manages to speak proper English apart from the absolute simplest words, which they for some completely unknown reason insist on saying in their own language - I mean, if someone is fluent in English, they're not bloody well going to pepper their speech with their own word for "Yes", of all words, and yes, this is a pet peeve of mine, and a major irritant by now, which is possibly silly, and I'm sure many people could tell me that they indeed know a multitude of foreigners who do exactly that, and perhaps they do, but I've yet to meet one, and this is an awful run-on sentence, isn't it?).

So, yeah. I can see, objectively, that it's a perfectly good book. It simply completely failed to work for me. Oh well.