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Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) - Tahereh Mafi I'm too old cynical to be impressed by pretentious writing. If you like a lot of experimenting with language (which, really, consists of only three elements here: use random strike-throughs; repeat a random word three times in a row in every tenth sentence or so; come up with completely random "unique" metaphors for absolutely everything in every sentence/paragraph), this book may be for you.

(Ab)use of language aside - and really, I did get used to it although it meant a lot of skimming to find the bits of plot amidst all the words words words - it was just, well... I can't say "boring" as I breezed through it pretty quickly (must have had something to do with the skimming), but just so... pointless? Juliette was boring, whingy and stupid. Adam... did he have a personality? He really was a vanilla regurgitation, just one with brilliant blue eyes and muscles, so I guess he didn't need more.

And honestly? If someone had just had the bright idea to give the bloody girl a pair of gloves when she was a small child, this whole book and all the angsting would never have happened. How difficult was it to figure out that if her touch hurts but everyone's fine when touching her through cloth, just give her gloves! And the idiot parents could easily have touched her and hugged her and what not, just, you know, while keeping everyone's clothes on. Argh. I mean, I figured it out early on in the book; why did it have to take an underground resistance of other "superpowered" people to figure it out in the book?!