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1632 (Assiti Shards, #1) - Eric Flint One star, only because I somehow managed to read all of it, so I'm rounding up from zero. Although the reason I managed to read it at all is that it was one of those train-wrecky things, the things one just can't help but keep staring at in horrified fascination.

This was just bad in every possible way - atrocious writing, the most cardboard characters imaginable, half a dozen instances of insta-love (which happened to, like, everyone) and the overwhelming gung-ho cowboy American mentality, with the 21st century American small town folks whoopingly slaughtering thousands upon thousands of backwards 17th century European savages without as much as a moment's remorse or contemplation for any of them (yes, I know, the Great Leader spared a thought or two on this issue a couple of times, but it didn't lead to much), the enforcement of 21st century American values on everyone else (because they're the only right ones, obviously), winning over the backward savages by virtues of superior American guns, superior American values, superior American cars, superior American icecream and of course the nubile American cheerleaders, no dramatic tension because every issue got solved (by superior American gunfire) instantly...

Just... I lack the words.

Except to point out that the consistent misspelling of the Finnish war cry got really irritating very quickly (especially considering it wasn't spelled correctly even a single time), and 70 instances of "chuckle" in one book is really to much. Petty things, perhaps, but added to everything else...

Pity. I was actually intrigued by the premise, when I picked this up.