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O Jerusalem (Mary Russell, #5) - Laurie R. King Hovering between 4 and 5 stars for this one ... 4.5, really, and very close to rounding it up to five, but in the end I think it's a smidgen closer to the Goodreads rating of "I really liked it" than to "it was amazing".

Anyway, I really did enjoy this much more fleshed-out return to the Palestine & Jerusalem visit barely touched on in the very first book in this series, both because it was an excellent mixture of adventure and mystery, and because I loved getting another glimpse of Holmes and Russell in their pre-married state.

I've enjoyed the more sedate pace of a few of the previous books, but this more action-filled tale was a wonderful change that, I think, fits well into this point of the series. I grew to enjoy the characters of Ali and Mahmoud, and the friendship of Holmes and Russell - filled with righteous (and quite understandable) irritation at times on her side as it was, while at the same time so obviously full of deep affection and caring for each other - was a joy to read.

Also, I think in this book even more than in any of the previous ones, I got a real, proper, strong sense of time and place - I don't often feel "transported" into the setting of the book I'm reading, but this time, it almost did feel like it.