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Kingdom of the Wicked  - Derek Landy ETA: Second read finished, just in time for book eight next week. It's still pretty damn powerful, and I think I noticed more details this time around - details that should very likely be relevant for Last Stand of Dead Men.

I'm not ready for LSODM. I'm really not. But at the same time, I can't wait. (Knowing that there will be one more book after LSODM, I'm relatively sure some people will have to survive. Probably.)

Original comments from 1 August 2012:

Just finished, and...

A more coherent review will have to wait for the re-read, I think. Because right now I have extreme problems putting my thoughts into words.

It was, well... more than I expected. Also, more serious, more plotty, more grown-up. There was still plenty of humour, and lots and lots of wonderfully gory violence, but overall, I'm now anticipating the next book with an equal share of fear and lust. (Can one lust for a book? One can, right?)

So many gutpunches in this one, for the reader.

God, I love Skulduggery.

I think I'm going to cry once this series is over in just two more books. Whichever way it ends, I'm going to cry.