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The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2) - Maggie Stiefvater It's probably me, and not the book, but .. yeah. This was a struggle to get through, from beginning to end, and while there were a handful of nice moments, overall it was a mighty disappointment.

Not even going to bother with the third book in the series. Going from having loved The Raven Boys to this .. eh, I really wish there'd been something - anything - in this one that I could have enjoyed, but there just wasn't anything.

Even the characters bored me. Ronan in particular irritated me to no end - he must be the most perfectly clich├ęd paranormal YA bad boy ever, all tortured and broken and dark and dangerous and yet with a soft centre and mysterious and magical and dangerous and ... also, if I ever see "dangerous" applied to a person in narration again, it will be too soon. Ick. Adam ... well, Adam I mostly wanted to punch in the face. And Blue and Gansey were pretty much non-entities. As for Noah, I think the author forgot about Noah in the end as well; I certainly did.

I can't say much about the plot because 90% of this book seemed to be taken up by cars. Boys caressing cars. Boys sniffing cars. Boys wanting to make love to cars. Boys waxing lyrically about cars. Boys getting high on the smell of vinyl and gasoline. Boys streetracing. Boys dreaming about cars. Boys talking about cars. Cars, cars, cars.

I'm not a car person. I don't really like cars. So, this wasn't just dull but excruciatingly dull. :-/