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The Last Policeman: A Novel - Ben H. Winters I can't really decide what I felt about this book. It was interesting, certainly, but mostly in the concepts - maybe I was just too tired when reading it, but for some reason it never gripped me, no matter how much I hoped it would.

The murder part of the plot was decent enough, and the whole pre-apocalyptic bit - how different people act and react when there's half a year to the end of the world - was, in theory, fascinating, but in practice... as I said, it just failed to grip me. Might have been the pacing, might have been the main character (if I ever read "holy moly" again, it will be too soon); not sure.

I might some day read the next book, because, again, the concept was great, and I'm vaguely curious as to what might happen in that world, but ... not sure.