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The Game (Mary Russell, #7) - Laurie R. King I'm trying so hard to pace myself with these books, because I just don't want to risk getting tired before getting done, or exhausting the series too quickly, but, well, best laid plans and all that.

Anyway, this was another very enjoyable read. It did take me a bit to get into the right mindset this time - I'm not really sure why - and certain things, while absolutely understandable and reasonable in context of time period, class, necessity and so on and so forth do require a conscious decision to accept and/or ignore.

On the plus side, while Russell and Holmes spend a considerable amount of time separated, as usual, I almost found their relationship stronger than in some of the previous books, perhaps because the affection they have for each other was a little more obvious this time. I love them as partners in crime (or in the solving of crime, as it may be), but while I don't require a lot of overt romance, it is good to see a glimpse of these two being more than merely two people working together.