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Doctor Who: Harvest of Time - Alastair Reynolds A thoroughly enjoyable, well-crafted Third Doctor story.

Harvest of Time would have felt right at home during season 8 or 9, featuring the Master at his charming (and ruthless) best, the UNIT capable and familiar, Jo enthusiastic and willing to take initiative. Come to think of it, I have to say in many ways the Doctor really came off as the weaker character here, compared to the Master, although it fit in with the show - and the Master/Doctor relationship, the central point of the book (in addition to the action-and-time-travel-oriented plot) was portrayed beautifully.

I think my only complaint is really that there was a bit too much Doctor/Master and far too little Doctor/Jo, but that's an issue of personal preference (and I absolutely adored Roger Delgado's Master, so it's not truly an issue either). Another complaint might be that the novel was a little too close to Three's era as we saw it on TV (just with much better special effects, obviously), with no risk-taking at all, but since it is my absolute favourite Doctor Who era, I'm really quite happy with that.