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Hex Hall: Spellbound

Spell Bound  - Rachel Hawkins A quick read, like the previous Hex Hall novels.

Somehow the relative shortness and fast pace worked better in the first two books, though; this just felt rushed at times, with too obvious plot devices and not enough time and page space allowed for either a more natural pacing or things like true emotional impact.

A lot of this book just felt like going through the motions. I liked some of the twists, especially in the first part of the book; I didn't care at all for either the handling or the resolution of the love triangle. Archer, who was interesting enough in the first two books, came off as bland and one-dimensional here.

It wasn't all bad, though; as said above, it was a quick read that held my interest well enough and while the resolution of the plot felt rather too simple, it was at least a resolution and the series did feel properly finished.