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The Dark Is Rising (Dark Is Rising Series #2)

The Dark Is Rising - Susan Cooper, Alan Cober This is more like 2.5 stars, I suppose, but after spending two evenings on it, wishing for something exciting to happen and it never did, I don't feel charitable enough.

Overall impression: meh. It had some good bits, and I sort of liked Will, but in general... dull plot, so much telling instead of showing, nothing really happened, and the whole thing had the feel of a puppet show in which bored adults sitting around decided to kidnap some kid and make him go through some pointless quest and collect stuff that he was pre-determined to get (ready to intervene whenever something mildly potentially dangerous was about to happen).

Also, all the mystical stuff was just dead dull, and the language, whenever it was about all that mystical stuff, supposed to be poetic or what not I guess, was just... made my eyes cross and I think I skimmed/skipped quite a bit. :-/

I enjoyed Over Sea, Under Stone well enough, but after this, I don't know if I'll bother with the other books.