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Simon Said (The Professor Simon Shaw Murder Mysteries - Book 1)

Simon Said (The Professor Simon Shaw Murder Mysteries  - Book 1) - Sarah R. Shaber To be honest, the rating for this book may have been one star higher if I hadn't read it on Kindle - because the Kindle formatting, especially the way paragraphs and scenes constantly ran together without any breaks, was so irritatingly bad that it constantly pulled me out of the story.

But even without that, it wouldn't have made my favourite mysteries list. For the first quarter or so, I wasn't sure whether I would manage to finish the book at all - the pacing was all wrong, disjointed and rushed and full of completely irrelevant descriptions and mini-infodumps whenever a new character was introduced. I found the writing did improve a little towards the ending (well, either that or I got more used to it), but not a lot.

That said, the plot itself intrigued me enough that I kept reading, simply because I wanted to know "who did it" (for both the historical murder and the contemporary goings-on). I didn't warm to Simon, but he did have his good points (such as his affection for his cat), and some of the supporting cast, while somewhat one- or two-dimensional, showed promise. Not enough for me to read more in this series, but enough for me to give it a "it was OK" rating and not regret the time spent on it.