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Viimane inimene Atlantisest

Viimane inimene Atlantisest - Aleksandr Beljajev,  Kati Karu,  Александр Беляев An potentially interesting enough take on the last days of Atlantis from this early/classic scifi author, it was however far too short and not nearly fleshed out enough for me to truly enjoy - characterisations remained superficial and too much of it felt like an awkward mess between action adventure and a morality tale.

Also, I may be a grammar snob and/or purist, but I truly wish that both the translator and the editor (if one existed) knew that "similar to" phrases require comitative case in Estonian, not allative. Blegh. Yes, it's a sadly common mistake, but that doesn't make it any better.

(Also, I have no idea why I'm commenting the Estonian translation of a Russian book in English. Habit? It just feels weird to not comment in English on Goodreads when all my previous several hundreds of reviews have been in that...)